Almost Human: Three Reasons To Tune In For Tonight’s Return Episode

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

DorianIt’s 48 Hours on Loop, But With a Robot
Even though Dorian is nearly perfect at doing everything, and is always right, John just can’t stand to hear it. Though he always comes around in the end, reneging on whatever he’d previously said he would or would not do. This couldn’t be a successful buddy cop drama without that kind of faux tension, so I understand why it’s there, but it’s played so broadly at times.

That said, the dynamic between the two characters paired with the strictly episodic approach to storytelling makes this the perfect show to just pick up and watch at any point. Sure, there are character details that reveal themselves in each episode, but that’s the same for everything from Law & Order to Arrow. I consider this a fault, but only when compared to cable’s plot-driven shows. In comparison to those two shows I just named, and a million others, give me gruff Karl Urban and futuristic robot cop cases any day of the week. I have faith that the writers will figure out a way to add depth to the narratives before too long.

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