More Human Than Human: Our Picks For The Best Synthetic Partners To Watch Our Backs

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

GortGort (The Day the Earth Stood Still)
All of our picks so far both appear human and possess some traces of human emotion or personality. That’s great when you’re arguing about sports during a 13-hour overnight stakeout, but sometimes there’s no substitute for the strong and silent type. Gort isn’t a lot of fun. He pretty much just stands around doing nothing 99% of the time. But when the shit does hit the fan, Gort will resolve it as only an an implacable robotic peace officer armed with a death ray can. Gort can face down an assembled military force without even having to move anything but his visor. And should you need somebody to fill the role of bad cop to your good cop, I dare you to try and find a better candidate than Gort. Hell, the entire plot of The Day the Earth Stood Still was basically Klaatu and Gort playing good cop/bad cop with the entire human race. Let your suspect watch Gort vaporize a tank or two, then leave them in the interrogation room together for a couple of hours. With Gort just standing there. Looking at him. Waiting. You’ll probably get a confession before you even get around to the old staple of offering the suspect something to eat.

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