Hot Tub Time Machine: The Sequel?

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


Does the world really need a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel? That’s a trick question. Prior to watching Hot Tub Time Machine I would have argued that we didn’t need a Hot Tub Time Machine movie at all, much less two of them. That, however, was before I watched John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, and Rob Corddry take bets on how Crispin Glover’s bellhop was going to have his arm amputated. Ultimately, however, it doesn’t matter whether I think the world needs a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel, because the people with the checkbooks at MGM think the world needs a Hot Tub Time Machine sequel.

While the original Hot Tub Time Machine was nowhere near Hangover levels of box office success, it more than made back its budget with a worldwide gross of $58.2 million. And while the sequel isn’t a sure thing just yet, the studio is said to be in “exploratory talks” with Corddry, Robinson, and Duke to make a return trip to the hot tub. You’ll notice that John Cusack’s name is noticeably absent from that list, and THR says that he’s not involved at this point. Assuming the sequel actually goes forward, I’m sure MGM will wave a sufficient bundle of cash to attract his attention. Although, honestly, he was the least funny part of the original, so I’m not sure he’d be missed terribly. He always seemed like the sort of guy who doesn’t really have a sense of humor anyway, or is that just me?

Not that things like not having a story to tell have ever stopped Hollywood, but one does wonder how exactly a second Hot Tub Time Machine would unfold. Would they return to the same hot tub time machine? Or are we to presume that there is more than one hot tub time machine out there? If you installed a hot tub time machine inside the TARDIS, would the whole of space-time collapse inward on itself?

If nothing else, I hear Chevy Chase is available.

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