The Host’s Latest Trailer Throws You Out The Window

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Twilight author Stephanie Meyers is set to return to the silver screen on March 29th with the adaptation of her sci-fi novel, The Host. An alien invasion has taken over most of human race, with only small pockets of resistance left to fight the good fight. This latest trailer delivers more details about the plot, as well as a healthy dose of the teen romance-centric action.

When an alien race called Souls invade Earth, they take over and inhabit the bodies of almost every human being on the planet. Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) is a member of the last vestiges standing up to the occupying force. After jumping out of a window to avoid the Souls, she is captured and implanted by a Soul named Wanderer with the express purpose of tracking down and destroying her compatriots. The strategy has vague echoes of Total Recall to it.

Though Wanderer occupies Melanie’s shell, her mind refuses to be pushed out completely. There’s some internal conflict as the two sides battle for supremacy; she is a fighter after all. As far as an acting challenge goes, this should be a doozy, giving Ronan what is essentially two simultaneous roles in The Host. Should be fun to watch. And she’s got those creepy blue eyes.

In this trailer there’s a juxtaposition between the slick, ultramodern urban environments, and the rough, rustic hovels where the members of the resistance live, and it looks like that duality runs through the film. You have the two sides of Melanie, the invaders and the indigenous people, trust and deception, action and romance.

Gattaca director Andre Niccol helms The Host, which he adapted from Meyers’ novel. The film also stars Diane Kruger, Max Irons, William Hurt, and Jake Abel.

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