The Host Trailer: Twilight Author Moves On From Vampires To Aliens

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Twilight author Stephanie Meyer has moved on from writing about Mormon vampires to Mormon aliens. Her new book is called The Host and even though it was only released in 2008, it has already been turned into a movie.

In The Host a group of aliens called Souls take over the minds of humans on Earth, creating a perfect paradise in the process. Yeah, she’s not exactly going subtle on the religious allegory this time, is she? Here’s the movie’s first trailer…

The trailer doesn’t dip right into the religious overtones but does do a pretty good job of establishing something both creepy and also vaguely tweeny. As always with Meyer the source material is suspect but the film actually has a pretty good pedigree otherwise. It’s directed by Andrew Niccol who made such films as Lord of War and the great sci-fi flick Gattaca. Unfortunately he also made In Time.

The Twilight kids are probably going to love this, but will you? Let us know if you’re interested in seeing The Host in the comments below.