The Host’s Latest Trailer Puts Romance Center Stage

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Author Stephenie Meyer is most widely known for her Twilight novels, the young adult series that introduced the world to angst-ridden teen vampires that sparkle in direct sunlight rather than bursting into flames like their traditional brethren. The centerpiece of these books, and the subsequent film adaptations, is a star-crossed romance between two beautiful teens—at least one of them is a teen, the other just looks like one.

While the soon-to-be-released adaptation of Meyer’s follow-up, The Host, promises to be a broader science fiction adventure, one with a bigger look at the surrounding world, there is also, you guessed it, a troubled romance between two beautiful young people. This element also happens to be the main focus of the latest promo for The Host, embedded below.

While this video certainly plays up the romance between Soairse Ronan’s Melanie Stryder and Max Irons’ Jared Howe, director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca, In Time) still manages to infuse the clip with ample action. The teens are sure to get all lovey-dovey, but there will still be plenty of chases, shootouts, and all of the usual energetic genre trappings.

The Earth has been invaded, and Melanie is one of the few remaining humans not taken over by one of the “Souls,” alien entities who use human bodies as hosts. Eventually Melanie is captured and inhabited by a Soul named Wanderer, and the intruders attempt to use her to track down members of the human resistance. However, even so occupied, Melanie puts up one hell of a fight.

The Host costars Diane Kruger, William Hurt, and Jake Abel, and opens wide March 29, 2013.