Honest Trailers Takes On Ridley Scott’s Prometheus

By Rudie Obias | Published

Since its release this past June, Ridley Scott’s Prometheus has been torn apart, nitpicked, trashed by general audiences and sci-fi genre fans alike. Despite the film’s strong critical response, many feel the movie should’ve never been made. The people at ScreenJunkies.com have made Prometheus the subject for the latest installment in their Honest Trailer series. Check out the trailer below:

This trailer validates everything you ever thought about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. It’s a flawed movie with a lot of ambition behind it. While some applaud the movie for its scope and drive, many feel like the movie was disappointing and lackluster. Prometheus was never going to live up to expectations, especially with a 33-year hiatus after the first Alien movie in 1979. Perhaps Ridley Scott should’ve taken a clearer approach to the narrative rather than wanting to be willfully ambiguous.

Prometheus will be released on Blu-ray/DVD next week, and this will give a vast majority of its critics a chance to watch the film for a second time. At the moment, it’s unclear if any minds will be changed after re-watching the movie. After John Carter was released on Blu-ray/DVD, many took a second look at the movie and had a change of heart. Maybe Prometheus will get that kind of a treatment. Maybe Prometheus will go down as Danny Boyle’s Sunshine, a film with large ideas but had an uninspired third act and ending.

It’s amusing that at the end of the Honest Trailer, the narrator tells Ridley Scott not to touch the movie Blade Runner. Historically, Blade Runner wasn’t well received when it was released in 1982. It wasn’t until it was released to home entertainment (and a re-edit) that people finally came around with that film. Maybe Prometheus will have the same fate.

Prometheus will be available on Blu-ray/DVD on October 9, 2012.