This Homemade Star Wars Landspeeder Pet Bed Is Totally The Cat’s Pajamas

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

star warsWhen I was a kid, I had a bunk bed and then a normal bed, and then my parents tossed their waterbed before I could step in and lay claim. (Like the 1970s pimp that I am?) Any trip to the furniture store always takes me back to childhood, seeing racecar beds and spaceship beds and the like. But in order to get the coolest bed of all, I apparently should have grown up as a cat instead of a human. May I jealously present the world’s first (I presume) homemade Star Wars Landspeeder cat bed.

Crafted by the amazingly creative minds at Roxy’s Dream, these guys make a ton of pet-related furniture and accessories, and this is easily the greatest bed they’ve made yet. Completely one of a kind, the Cat Speeder is going for around $600, to make up for all the work that went into it. As you can imagine, Roxy’s Dream isn’t a mass-production factory or anything.

Let’s curl up into a fuzzy ball and check out a couple more shots of the Cat Speeder, shall we? Full speed ahead!

star warsI’m not even a huge cat fan, but something about seeing one so comfortable in an iconic vehicle makes me a tad more susceptible to feline charm. Although I’m just as game to see this thing without any pets in it at all. Sadly, this just makes it all the more obvious that my fat ass would never be able to get comfortable in it, unless they make a human sized version.

star warsRoxy’s Dream is also responsible for the (arguably more impressive) custom-made AT-ST feline play area/bed/thing. I think I would let my kid play in this, if only so I could live vicariously through her.

star warsAnd for those who aren’t necessarily in the mood for more Star Wars stuff around the house, no one on Earth is capable of turning down Batman-related items, and so this food and water dish is the one we need and deserve right now.

batmanWhat’s the coolest movie tie-in you’ve ever gotten your pets?

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