Homemade Nintendo Laser Gun: Now You’re Playing With Power

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Back in the earliest days of the console wars, Nintendo decided to make its play for the hearts and minds of children by making their Nintendo Entertainment System available with two accessories guaranteed to make any 10-year-old boy drown in his own lust-saliva. One was a robot, which was unfortunately pretty useless. The other, however, was a frigging laser gun! Okay, so it just let you shoot fleeing cartoon ducks but that was still pretty damn cool in 1985. Thankfully the folks at North Street Labs decided to make many a childhood dream a reality. They took an old-school NES gun and fitted with a real freakin’ laser than can set stuff on fire. Oh yes.

If you’re a creative type and are now red-faced and covetous, you can click over to North Street Labs’ website for full instructions on how build your own. Needless to say, this is very dangerous and anyone attempting it should make sure to follow all precautions and wear the right safety goggles, etc. Sure, the story about how you accidentally burned an eye out with a jury-rigged NES laser would make for a good party anecdote, but eventually you’re going to start pining for the days when you had depth perception.

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