Homemade Laser Lightsaber Will Totally Ruin Some Electrical Tape

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Handheld lasers are pretty exciting things, but only when being handled by professionals, as I’m not inclined to patch holes on my couch and armchair all day long. I’m thinking the handler should be a Jedi, or at least someone who can lie convincingly about being a Jedi.

And if we’re being quite honest, lying about being one with the Force isn’t necessary if you’ve got something that resembles a working lightsaber, like YouTube’s DIY Laser Guy. His homemade, handheld device uses a 9mm 450 nm laser diode set into a light saber handle, outputting an impressive three watts of power. It won’t be chopping off anybody’s hands in the near future, but I’m guessing it still packs a healthy burn if you put it on your skin. There’s probably another way to get rid of that The Cape tattoo you gave yourself.

In the video above, we get to see a bunch of things being burned quite easily by this lite-lightsaber. If the heroes of the Star Wars universe ever got attacked by a bunch of monsters made of flash paper, electrical tape, ping pong balls, or cardboard, I think victory is certain for the Rebels. The coolest part of the video to me was watching the laser move the tiny solar-powered car toy across the floor. “Look, Ma. No hands! Except for the hand holding the laser.”

Someone needs to duct tape this to the back of these Iron Man gauntlets and then the Marvel/Star Wars connection will be complete.

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