Homemade Inception Trailer Will Make You Dream Of Cardboard And Paper

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Are you actually sitting down and reading this right now? Or are you only dreaming about dreaming about reading this story? Is Leondardo DiCaprio here, or is it just a guy acting like him? Questions like this come up all the time when homemade versions of the original Inception trailer are afoot. And look, there’s one now.

The crafty squad at CineFix are at it again here, taking Christopher Nolan’s $160 million sci-fi actioner and bringing it down to a “summer camp arts and crafts group meeting” level. Which is far more glorious than my description may have you believe. I can barely draw on paper, much less turn mass amounts of it into anything that resembles a movie set depicting a city block turning over on itself. When people say go big or go home, I’m usually already at home.

Anyway, this is pretty awesome, especially when watching the side-by-side comparison video below. Inception is a daunting movie to try and copy in this way, but it’s all pretty perfect, from the city on the Warner Bros. logo to the “fighting on the walls” bit, which actually looks like it’s happening even though it’s obviously just dudes on the floor. It’s the power of Nolan’s imagery to remain in the memory banks. (Which is vaguely ironic where Memento is concerned.) Check out the comparison video here.

As if that dropped bass “bwowwwmm” noise wasn’t already so annoyingly obvious in every nearly every single trailer in theaters these days, I’m fairly certain I’m forever going to hear this guy’s imitation of the noise from now until the end of time. How now bwowwmm cow?

We’re already big fans of the guys at CineFix for their 8-bit movie riffs, which are my personal favorite, but they’ve really upped their game on these homemade trailers. Last month, under the leadership of filmmaker Travis Betz, they put together a paper-only version of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, and I daresay it’s better than the Inception one, though it’s shorter. But it’s more Star-Lord-y, so that’s a win.

If you’ve never seen Betz’s films, particularly the macabre musicals Lo and The Dead Inside, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Check them out before his next awesome CineFix video comes out.