Ho Ho Hell! Infinite Santa 8000 The Movie Brings The Cult Web Series To VOD

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

A little backstory, since you might blow one of your brain cogs if you watch this bonkers trailer with no idea of where it came from. The Infinite Santa 8000 YouTube channel features a series of indie animation shorts that follow a cyborg Santa Claus just trying to survive in the hyperviolent year 8000. Two years ago, the series wrapped up its 13-episode first season and seemed to be finished. Until now. This is Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie, and all other films will bow down their heads in tribute.

“I’ll trim the tree with your brains!” I cackled louder than my neighbor’s lawnmower the entire time I watched this. The product of filmmakers Michael Neel and Greg Ansin (Drive-In Horrorshow) and their Burnt Reindeer Films, Infinite Santa 8000 easily bypasses the drudgery of heady sci-fi to get straight to the point of the matter: Cyborg Santa fighting mythical creatures is fucking awesome. Slap some heavy metal riffs behind all the action, and this series is manly enough to get a fertile woman pregnant just by being mentioned in her presence.

For most series-to-feature transitions, I’d be more worried about how they could carry over the tone, or how the story could be reworked to allow for more backstory and character study. Here, though, the story apparently remains the same, just with bigger and badder enemies. Merry Christmas!

Santa must fight mutants and other robo-sapiens in a ravaged world that has been through at least a handful of apocalypses. By his side is the child-bot Martha, and together they’re going to take on everything under the sun, including a gigantic evil Easter Bunny. He’s probably the creation of Santa’s Christmas-hating arch nemesis Dr. Shackleton, who has built an army of batsharks, crabmonkeys and octo-blobs to take down the yuletide hero. Sorry if I drooled on anyone while typing the word “batsharks.”

With gorgeous art and crude animation, this show looks like it was custom-made for a Sunday night slot on Adult Swim, or a pair-up with Fox’s Axe Cop. The web series has a large fanbase that are going to go beserk when this film comes out. Hopefully this will be enough to get Neel and Ansin attention from networks, I’d like to see what they can do with more resources. We’ll find out when the full feature gets released on VOD on December 1, 2013. I’m already standing in line to donate plasma so I can pay for it.

Need a recap? Watch the first two episodes of Infinite Santa 8000 below and head over to their YouTube page to see the rest.