The History Of Future Folk Trailer Introduces An Indie Folk Sci-Fi Film

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

One of my favorite things about film festivals has to be stumbling across quirky little indie sci-fi films, the kind that prove again and again that you can pull off genre fare without a Michael Bay-sized budget. Last year, Safety Not Guaranteed became a bona fide hit and landed director Colin Trevorrow a gig directing Jurassic Park IV. After garnering a ton of glowing reviews at Fantastic Fest last year, The History of Future Folk looks like it may follow this path from indie to hit. Check out the brand-new trailer above and see what you think.

The plot centers around Bill (Nils d’Aulaire), an alien from the planet Hondo. When he lands on Earth he gets married, has a daughter, and falls in love with our music. When Kevin (Jay Klaitz), an assassin from Hondo, arrives on the scene, bent on forcing Bill to complete his original mission, he is also quite taken with our music, and the two form a folk duo in New York City, because why not? Isn’t that what you would do?

From the looks of the trailer, The History of Future Folk is a cute, quirky kind of science fiction. The film definitely fits in with recent movies like Safety, Earthbound, and Robot & Frank. I love the image of an entire crowd singing along to two guys with acoustic guitars and red buckets on their heads. And the fact that Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider has a cameo, I love that too.

The trailer points out that The History of Future Folk is “probably the only alien folk duo sci-fi action romance comedy movie ever made,” which they point out also automatically makes it the best alien folk duo sci-fi action romance comedy movie ever made. So there’s that.

Written by John Mitchell, who co-directed the film with Jeremy Kipp Walker, The History of Future Folk hits select theaters in late May, and the video-on-demand market on June 4th.

The History of Future Folk

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