Headlines From Looper’s Future

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Despite Looper primarily being the story of a small handful of characters, writer/director Rian Johnson did a great job fleshing out the world of 2044 (and parts of 2074) in which it takes place. From the fact that Loopers get paid with bars of gold or silver, to the unnamed drug that protagonist Joe is frequently dropping into his eyes, to the run-down semi-dystopian city in which Joe lives and works, Looper is filled with little details that make its setting feel convincing and real. In fact, Looper’s future is so detailed that you can’t help but wonder what the daily newspaper headlines would look like…

The folks at Jest.com (all named Shirley) decided to mock up several newspapers pulled straight from the future of Looper, and they’re kind of great. They get pretty spoiler-y, so don’t scroll down if you haven’t seen the flick yet. We’re leading off with the least spoiler-y of the images just to give a bit of buffer. SPOILERS AHOY!


You can see even more of the Looper headlines over at Jest.com.

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