Time Loops, Martians, And Groot: Here’s The Sci-Fi We’re Most Thankful For in 2014

By David Wharton | 5 years ago

InterstellarHalf of Interstellar
Given how much anticipation I had for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, there was literally no way the film could possibly match up to the cinematic monolith I had in my head. Even so, there were moments when I was watching Interstellar that I truly never wanted to leave the theater’s screening room and would have been content heading out into space on one of the most thought-provoking missions in NASA’s (future) history. Of course, that only happened during about half of the movie, while the other half made me want to pull my hair out through my eye sockets. But this is about being thankful.

Though I could have done with far fewer emotional beats for Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), his entire family-free story is the stuff of sci-fi legend. A mystery leads him from a hopeless post-apocalyptic life to a chance to save the world by doing things that are currently impossible, including blasting a spaceship through a wormhole, as well as a black hole. And though the alien planetary settings were pretty plain, all things considered, those scenes still inspired an unexpected amount of wonder within me that helped my mood cascade through the muddy exposition and far-flung final half-hour. I’ll never feel the same way as I did about Interstellar while watching any other movie in my life, and that’s a half-great thing. – Nick

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