New Halo Web Series Trailer Highlights The Recruits Of The UNSC

By Brian Williams | 8 years ago

The weeks are ticking away until we get our first episode of Halo 4’s live-action web series, Forward Unto Dawn, and all indications show that this will be the gritty, documentary-style military series that fans of the franchise have been waiting for. In the latest trailer, we see a candid look at the reasons young men and women would join the United Nations Space Command in a time of open rebellion.

The new trailer shows a batch of new students getting military buzz cuts while they each talk about what brought them to the UNSC military academy. The tone of it is very sober and thoughtful, and I’m guessing it probably sets up some character conflicts in the series, as one student talks about how selfish the insurrectionists are, while another one says that he’d never be able to kill another human being. Although I’m guessing he’s probably cool with blasting space aliens, someone really should’ve told him that joining the military may not have been his wisest decision. As far as the gung-ho, red-headed guy who says he never had any friends, I put $10 on him going all Full Metal Jacket when the Covenant shows up.

Things are looking good for the 90-minute episodic web series. So far the writing and acting seems to be pretty decent, and from what has been shown in previous trailers, the set design seems pretty solid as well. At this point, I think the only reservation I have about the production is the extremely clunky look of the armor they’re wearing. The design is similar to the characters in game, but the dimensions look all wrong, and far more cheaply made than any of the previous live-action commercials that have been produced for the Halo games. Seriously, do those helmets remind anyone else of ’80s Laser Tag?

The first episode of Forward Unto Dawn hits on October 5th.

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