The Guy Singing This Song REALLY Likes The Walking Dead

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

You’re not the only one excited for the upcoming third season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, some people are even writing songs about it. And thank your lucky stars you’re not faced with the same dilemma as the guy in this little ditty: sex with your hot, eager wife, or an hour on the couch with a slew of rotting zombies. It’s tough. He made his choice, as you can see below.

You probably shouldn’t watch this at work, or if you have impressionable children wandering about. That’s an awkward conversation you want to put off having as long as possible, answering the question, “What’s a blow job?”

Maybe not the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, “A Song for The Walking Dead” by Stuckey and Murray is good for a chuckle or two. The soulful hook in the song, sung by Lil Duval, along with the zombie back-up singers, is absolutely priceless. And there are surprisingly solid creature effects for an internet video.

Does this guy need to reexamine his priorities? Is it really that urgent that you have to watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead right this very moment? Surely you could put it off for a while. After all, this is the age of the DVR, not to mention various on-demand and online outlets. And let’s not forget, AMC tends to air new episodes on repeat for most of that night and the next day. Wait an hour and you could likely catch it again. Maybe he’s just that dedicated to his favorite horror show.

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 14th.

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