Guillermo Del Toro Already Working On Pacific Rim Sequel

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim is aiming to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. If the film is successful, Pacific Rim would pave the way for future giant mech movies like the upcoming Gaiking film, but if it’s a failure, then at least the film will be a glorious-looking mess. Despite adversity, the filmmakers are very confident that Pacific Rim will be a big hit this summer. In fact, they’re already thinking about the sequel.


In an interview with Total Film, Guillermo del Toro spoke about the possibilities of a Pacific Rim sequel, the overall look of the film, and the performance of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost. On the subject of a sequel, del Toro revealed:

Travis and I have been working on it. We co-wrote the screenplay on this first one, and now we’re hard at work at doing the second one. We want to take however long it takes to really find out the idea and try to bridge something that really makes the mythology roll.

A few weeks ago, there was a test screening of Pacific Rim. The audience reaction was mostly positive, while director Rian Johnson called the film a “joy.” Many moviegoers at the test screening singled out Idris Elba as a bright spot of the film. Del Toro also heaped his praise on the British actor: ”

Idris could be just standing there saying ‘whatever’ and he has a magnetic center. I needed him to root the whole adventure, morally and ethically.”


If the trailer is a benchmark for the film’s overall visual quality, then Pacific Rim is sure to please audiences everywhere. We have covered Pacific Rim‘s last-minute 3D up-conversion, and according to del Toro the film is almost in its final stages. The director says:

We’re 30 to 40 percent into the 3D conversion and that’s going really good. We’ve done 99 percent of all the animation of Industrial Light & Magic, and we have rendered and finished about 33 percent of the shots. So the big animation haul is basically over. We have about a dozen shots left to animate.

Total Film’s Pacific Rim feature also showcased more concept art from the film. A few days ago, we highlighted some of Doug Williams’ art, but here are some more, including a height chart featuring the Jaegers and Kaiju to scale against the world’s landmarks, and underwater Jaegers!


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