Guardians Of The Galaxy Silliness Includes Legos And How It Should Have Ended

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

Given that Guardians of the Galaxy is both a massive hit ($770 million worldwide so far) and one of the most entertaining flicks we saw all year, it’s no surprise that people are still talking about it, referencing it, and riffing on it. Frankly, if we posted every cool Guardians-related tidbit, we wouldn’t have time to post anything else. Still, we’ve got a bit of coolness stored up for you today, beginning with this exploration of how Guardians of the Galaxy should have ended (times three!). It dares to ask the question: does Thanos ever get up out of that fucking chair?

“You guys sing a lot about butts now. Why do you do that?” Yeah, Star-Lord should probably never come back home. But if he did, maybe he could help out with that whole Ultron problem the Avengers are staring down next spring. This modified Age of Ultron trailer suggests a little dash of Guardians might make for a much shorter movie.

Next up: everybody loves Lego, so check out not one, but two little Guardians Lego shorts. (Lego shorts, incidentally, are both boxy and hugely uncomfortable to wear.)

Man, do I want a Lego Groot.

Last but not least, this mashup between Guardians and Friends that works way, way too well, and which has me inexplicably craving a Guardians of the Galaxy sitcom starring Rocket and Groot. I would DVR the shit out of that.

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on December 9, and you can currently download the film in various digital formats.

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