Guardians Of The Galaxy May Take Place In The Year 2045

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie will be the weirdest offering from Marvel Studios to date. The film will reportedly follow a half-human NASA astronaut named Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) as he pursues his destiny and becomes Star-Lord, the leader of the titular Guardians of the Galaxy. According to Marvel super-producer Kevin Feige, the film will take place almost entirely in space, but new developments suggest that the cosmic superhero team-up movie could also take place in the future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mos Eisley Cantina

According to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Marvel wants some “futuristic-looking” electric bikes that will be used in a major feature film that will be shot in England. The ad also says that the un-named film would take place in “an imaginary 2045.”

We know that Marvel is shooting Guardians in England this summer, so it stands to reason that the “major feature film” in question is likely James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The galactic peacekeepers are also rumored to play a role in The Avengers 2, so if Guardians of the Galaxy takes place in the year 2045, presumably they would have to jump back in time to meet the Avengers in 2015. If alien worlds and the Nova Corps weren’t enough, now Marvel could add time travel into the mix. This movie is getting stranger and stranger.

Star Trek‘s Zoë Saldaña was recently revealed to be in talks to play Gamora, the female lead and “the deadliest woman in the galaxy.” She would join Chris Pratt (Star-Lord) and Dave Bautista (Drax the Destroyer) in the film’s cast.

The ad also features Batman riding his Batpod from The Dark Knight, but we probably shouldn’t hold out on a cross-universe Dark Knight appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy. Read the entire ad below:

Futuristic looking electric bikes needed for major feature film.
21st March 2013

The MCI has been contacted by the film makers Marvel, who are looking for electric bikes with a ‘futuristic’ look to use in a major feature film. This will be shot in England in an imaginary 2045.

The film makers have not been able to specify the exact number needed only that it would defiantly be more than one – to be decided by the director.

Manufacturers, who have something suitable and would welcome the chance to be involved, can contact Ian Clark, Picture Vehicle Coordinator via the MCI press office.

It’s the usual address

Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters everywhere on August 1, 2014, in 3D. Watch how the Guardians of the Galaxy meet the Avengers in Earth’s Mightiest Heroes below (notice the wormholes):