Guardians Of The Galaxy: What We Learned From The Facebook Q&A

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

GuardiansA kick-ass new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy premiered yesterday, but before that, director James Gunn and members of the Guardians cast participated in a Q&A session on the movie’s Facebook page. As is typical with that sort of thing, there was a whole lot of silliness (as to which character he wanted to include in the film but couldn’t, Gunn replied, “Snake Plissken”) mixed in with more serious revelations. Asked about what inspirations he drew on for Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn ticked off several: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s run on the Marvel Guardians comic that kicked off in 2008; Magritte’s “Empire of Light” paintings; Sergio Leone’s Westerns; and of course the classic space opera films like Star Wars.

Here’s our rundown of the best and most interesting bits from yesterday’s Guardians of the Galaxy Q&A session, streamlined for your convenience.

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