Guardians Of The Galaxy: Eight Things We Learned From The 17-Minute Preview

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

GrootGroot Is Already My Favorite Part Of The Movie
In fact, never mind the movie — Groot is already one of my favorite characters in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s used as comic relief several times in the preview footage, but he’s also an utter badass when need be — and sometimes both of those things at the same time. He saves Quill’s ass early on, right as the group is entering the main prison area. A big blue ugly dude starts to give Quill the usual “You’re mine, new meat” speech…until Groot interrupts by shoving two finger/branches up the guy’s nose, visibly growing them up into the guy’s head, and then lifting the guy off the ground by his nostrils while Rocket explains to the other convicts that Quill is “their booty.” A little bit later he provides one of the breakout sequence’s best laughs thanks to his actions in the background while Rocket is explaining the plan. And once the riot really kicks into gear, he and Rocket make a lethal pair. You’ve all seen that great shot of Rocket blasting away from Groot’s shoulders, but you haven’t heard Vin Diesel make “I AM GROOT!” one of the most applause-worthy lines of the year.

And that thing about Groot only being able to say those three words — “exclusively in that order,” as Rocket explains — definitely isn’t a hindrance to Diesel. During the four or five times Groot speaks in the 17 minutes of preview footage, Diesel had already put a variety of nuance into the deliveries, so you really can tell that he’s meaning different things, and when you learn what he’s trying to say, the way he said it makes sense in retrospect. Diesel’s performance is one of the things I’m most looking forward to from this flick, and Groot himself looks AMAZING on screen.

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