Guardians Of The Galaxy: Eight Things We Learned From The 17-Minute Preview

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

GamoraGamora’s Fame — And Family — Precedes Her
While an unruly space prison is going to be an unfriendly place in general, it’s most striking how the inmates respond to the site of Gamora. Pretty much everybody knows who she is on sight, and a good portion of them want to kill her. Clearly, her duties for Thanos have carved quite a path of carnage across the cosmos. The fact that she’s still alive speaks volumes, and what we see of her in action during the prison break confirms she’s not one to be underestimated: she’s fast, she’s agile, and she’s lethal. During the breakout, they need one of the security pads that are attached to all the guards’ arms. She corners a guard and he laughs it off, explaining that “it’s internally wired.” She basically says, “I’ll think of something.” We don’t see exactly what she does to him, but she returns with the pad shortly thereafter, sans guard and sans arm.

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