Two Guardians Of The Galaxy Videos Tease Monday’s New Trailer

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Now that Godzilla is here, smashing through the world’s movie theaters, our full attention is now shifting towards Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. There are other sci-fi movies we’re interested in this summer season, like Edge of Tomorrow, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and, to an extent, Transformers: Age of Extinction, but we’re not as excited about anything as Guardians. Monday, May 19, a new trailer is scheduled to drop in our laps, along with a Facebook Q&A with the cast, and in advance of that, there are two short new teasers to, well, tease the larger trailer.

Clocking in at less than 30 seconds, this is still a total blast, and continues the trend of everything Guardians related looking both fun and kick ass at the same time. Life is giving them a chance to do something awesome, and, as Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord, AKA Peter Jason Quill, says, it’s going to be a little good, a little bad, and a little of both. He forgot to add that it’s going to be a rollicking good time. And when you have the opportunity to go on a galaxy-wide adventure with a bunch of alien weirdos, battling an evil empire along the way, you have to jump at the chance.

The story involves Star-Lord coming together with a bunch of other space outlaws, including Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), and Groot (Vin Diesel), to form an unlikely band of heroes. These are individuals with lengthy criminal records and long histories of doing very bad things, not your usual save-the-day types, and getting them together to risk everything isn’t going to be the easiest feat. If we’re correct, this speech is going to play a part of that rallying of the troops.

Guardians of the GalaxyThis is quick, and you only get snippets, but this teaser contains a decent amount of new footage. You can’t tell exactly what’s going on, but that clip with Drax screaming in front of what looks like a crap ton of chaos looks like it is going to be a lot of fun.

Guardians of the GalaxyThere’s also some romance in the air between Gamora and Star-Lord. You probably assumed that was going to happen at some point. Hollywood always wants to cram in some loving, even where one doesn’t fit. Given the sarcastic nature of this film, you can easily imagine something going horribly wrong and interrupting this smooch.

Teaser number two is more of the same. You don’t learn much new, but god damn does it look like a fun time. Even shorter than the first, this clip does give you some up close and personal face time with Rocket, and he looks super badass. You don’t normally want to mess with a rogue raccoon, but when you come across one with a sneer like this and cache of weapons, you better high tail it out of there.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens everywhere August 1, and also stars Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Glenn Close, John C. Reilly, Karen Gillan, Benicio Del Toro, and more.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy