The Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Loses At Marvel Trivia To A Five-Year-Old Girl

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Guardians of the Galaxy is poised to conquer the box office this weekend, and the early reviews suggest we’re in for not only one of the best Marvel movies yet, but also a damned entertaining space opera in and of itself. But while Star-Lord and the Guardians may be bold enough to face down such cosmic menaces as Ronan the Accuser, Korath the Pursuer, and even the Mad Titan Thanos himself, it turns out they’re no match at all for five-year-old Mia Grace Montross…at least not when it comes to Guardians-related trivia questions. Watch her clean the Guardians cast’s clocks below. I need to take a moment to get past how adorable she is when delivering the answer “cybernetic enhancements.”

Mia’s mastery of Marvel minutiae first came to light in May 2013, after her father Skip Montross posted a video of her fielding his Marvel trivia questions on YouTube. Skip is apparently a hard-core comics fan who has been schooling her on everything from Captain America’s vibranium shield to the names of the Infinity Gems. There are few things the Internet loves more than cute things and useless trivia, so naturally Mia became an online sensation. This past December she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where she trounced a parade of costumed heroes dragged in from Hollywood Boulevard. Last week Kimmel decided to up his game and pit her against the Guardians cast to prove she knows at least as much about their characters as they do. I love how much of a ham Chris Pratt is when squaring off against Mia. Check out that zen-like concentration!


Okay, let’s be honest: you can tell the Guardians guys are intentionally slow at hitting their buzzer, but I do love it when Diesel leaps up and claims that the fix is in and that the buzzer doesn’t even work. Even when Kimmel proves it does, you can barely hear the Guardians’ buzzer. I call shenanigans, Kimmel! It’s okay, though, because, just as you should always let a Wookiee win at holo-chess, you should never show up a precocious little girl on national television. Unless it’s Honey Boo Boo. Her you can take down with a clean conscience.

Pratt also earns bonus points by whispering the answer when Diesel draws a blank about which planet Groot hails from. Come on, Diesel, you grew up geek at heart, man! You’re even a D&D junkie! Obscure superhero trivia is supposed to be in your wheelhouse!

Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters this Friday, August 1. Here’s a video of Chris Pratt proving he does one hell of a mean French braid to help pass the time.