Guardians Of The Galaxy Almost Cast Jim Sturgess As Star-Lord

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


Last month, Parks and Recreation/Zero Dark Thirty actor Chris Pratt was cast to play the lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy: the group’s head honcho, Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill. Although Chris Pratt will likely do a fine job as Star-Lord, he wasn’t the only actor in the running. In fact, Cloud Atlas‘ Jim Sturgess was nearly cast in the role.

During an interview with MTV, Sturgess described how far he got during the auditioning process for Guardians of the Galaxy. He even had a costume fitting for Star-Lord’s uniform, which the British actor says was quite tight. Sturgess says:

‘I got way further than I’d ever imagined I possibly could. As you get further and further down the line, you start caring about it more and more. The competitiveness in you starts kicking in. But I was amazed I’d gotten as far down the line as I did. As you find out more about what the movie is about — it’s set in a total fantasy landscape, which was intriguing to me,’ he continued. ‘This guy has a talking raccoon and a giant human tree or something like that. It’s more in the world of kind of Star Wars, I guess.’

Chris Pratt has a quippy quality to him that Sturgess might not have brought to the role. After all, a little comedy will go a long way for a movie where one of the main characters is a talking, blaster-wielding space raccoon.

As for the other members, auditions are still in the works as director James Gunn and his team try to fill four key roles. Jason Momoa and former pro-wrestler Dave Bautista are up for the role of Drax the Destroyer, while Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot have all yet to be cast. You can watch the full MTV video interview with Jim Sturgess below.


Guardians of the Galaxy will hit theaters everywhere on August 1, 2014 in 3D.