That Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series Isn’t Happening After All

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

Guardians of the GalaxyAs far back as January 2014, we’ve been hearing that there was a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series in the works. With Marvel’s live action movie now being the biggest box office hit of the year, we’ve obviously been looking forward to finally seeing this. We even heard that they revealed some new footage last month as San Diego Comic-Con and that things were under ways. However, as it turns out, we may have jumped the gun on this one a wee bit.

Talking to Comic Book Resources, Stephen Wacker (which sounds like a made up name from an 80s movie), Marvel’s vice president of animation, basically crushed everyone’s dreams by saying that there is not an animated Guardians series planned and they did not announce such a thing, not even a little. So we won’t be seeing the mismatched crew of space outlaws join the likes of Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Ultimate Spider-Man, and Avengers Assemble.

He said:

We definitively did not announce a GOTG animated series. We just showed some test footage that one of our animators (Leo Riley) was working on. We have seen the GOTG guest star in all of our current animated series, though, and you can expect more to come as the year goes on.

All that said, I was as excited about the movie as anyone and certainly knowing the behind-the-scenes conversations about it the past few years thanks to working on the comic made it an even deeper experience.

Well, that’s kind of a bummer. We were starting to get all kinds of excited about the prospect of a Guardians animated series. Now that the movie has become such a smash hit, it seemed like a natural progression, like another way for them to expand their brand and branch out. And despite the success of the film, this is still a strange group of individuals, and the more that you can familiarize audiences with them, the better.

And the Guardians team seems tailor made for a cartoon. Rocket and Groot, not to mention the wide array of other unusual deep space beings and unusual new worlds, would be perfect in this medium. Basically I just want to see as much of those two as I can. Hell, maybe those they can just get their own show. As Wacker says, the team has popped up in various other animated properties, including a recent appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man, and will continue to, but how awesome would it have been to see them on the regular, with new adventures every week?

Lets all hope that this is a for now kind of situation, like “we’re not making a Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, for now,” and that it’s still an option. We like to stay optimistic about things like this.

Until then, enjoy watching baby Groot dance to the Jackson 5.

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