Beyond Guardians: Four Cosmic Super-Teams We Want To See On The Big Screen

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

GuardiansGuardians of the Galaxy has so far earned $313 million worldwide, proving that yes, Marvel can make a monster hit out of comics characters most audience members had never heard of prior to, well, the Guardians of the Galaxy marketing push. More importantly, moviegoers enthusiastically embraced an unapologetic space opera, something that hasn’t happened all that often outside of franchises with the word “Star” in the title. So, if the Guardians of the Galaxy can break box office records for an August opening, what other space-faring comic-book teams deserve their time in the spotlight?

Both of comics’ “Big Two” — Marvel and DC — have their own stables of space-faring cosmic characters, but which ones have the most cinematic potential? Hit the link to see our top picks!

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