Greg Nicotero Hints At More Deaths On The Walking Dead

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago


The Walking Dead has some of the bloodiest and goriest scenes on basic cable, but it also is notorious for killing off characters from its main cast. According to special effects wizard Greg Nicotero, The Walking Dead fans may want to brace for more deaths before the show wraps up its third season.

In an interview with THR, Greg Nicotero talked about the strategy for who would be killed off next on the show. The general idea of “no one is safe” is very much true on the TV series, just as it is in the comic book. Nicotero says:

We’ve established a certain scenario on our show where nobody is safe — and certainly in the back-half of our season, it doesn’t get easy for anybody. We have the whole Woodbury community with the Governor (David Morrissey) and our principal cast. We’ll probably end our season minus a castmember or two.


Just this season, the Walking Dead writers have already killed off Lori and T-Dog (No!), so it won’t be surprising if they kill off more people from Rick’s group of survivors. The only question is, who’s next? Hopefully, it won’t be someone we would truly miss, like Daryl, Glenn, or Maggie. It would be too painful to see these fan-favorites die. If the writers want to kill off Andrea or Hershel, fans probably wouldn’t mind as much.

Creating a sense of tension and danger is one of the things that The Walking Dead does very effectively. The only character in the TV series (or comic book) that is likely safe is Rick Grimes, but even that could change.

The Walking Dead returns on February 10th on AMC.