Great Scott! Check Out This RC Flying DeLorean

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

People have been talking about Back to the Future a lot lately, largely thanks to Mattel’s announcement that they’re going to be selling replica hoverboards. Sure, the boards don’t actually hover, because, as Mattel explains with tongue in cheek, that technology won’t be invented until 2015. Still, it’s exactly the sort of objectively useless nostalgia bait that people of my generation love to spend money on, and I have no doubt they’ll sell tons of the damn things.

In fact, as far as real-life versions of Back to the Future icons go, the only way you could get cooler than owning a hoverboard is if you owned a hover-converted DeLorean. Unfortunately, we can’t even get a flimsy piece of plastic to hover properly, so there’s no way you could get an actual car to…what’s that? Some Russian guy did? How the hell did he manage the propulsion and energy needs? Oh, it’s just a tiny flying remote-control version? Huh. Well, that’s still pretty cool, I guess. I bet it looks bitchin’ at night with all the lights lit up. Man, if only we had video of it…