Seven Great Sci-Fi Movies That Are About To Vanish From Netflix

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

EventHorizonEvent Horizon
In 2040, the Event Horizon vanished under mysterious circumstances while testing an experimental gravity drive en route to Proxima Centauri. Seven years later, the ship has reappeared in orbit around Neptune and the crew of the Lewis & Clark have been dispatched to investigate and respond to the ship’s distress signal. Of course, anybody who’s watched a movie or two knows that nothing good ever comes from answering a distress beacon in outer space, and unfortunately for Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburne), Dr. William Weir (Sam Neill), and the rest, that truism proves all too, well, true. See, it turns out the Event Horizon spent its absence kicking around an alternate dimension that bears an awfully strong resemblance to Hell…and it didn’t come back alone. Director Paul W.S. Anderson has a long history of profoundly mediocre movies, but Event Horizon is his best by far, and a genuinely creepy flick. Wait till the sun goes down, flip off the lights, and queue it up.

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