Gory New Zombie Photos From The Walking Dead Season Three

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

One of the biggest knocks against the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead was that there wasn’t nearly enough zombie action. As the season wore on there were more and more walkers roaming around Hershel’s farm, and things began to pick up steam.

Time and again fans have been assured season three will be positively swarming with zombies, building upon the momentum at the end of season two. From the looks of the trailers, features, and photos that have appeared thus far, you’ll get your fill of the undead in days to come. Comic Book Movie has two new gory new pictures that should excite everyone clamoring for more walkers.

Much of season three takes place in a prison where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company attempt to find safety. This first photo gives you a look at one of the previous inhabitants. Before they can settle in, your heroes have some house cleaning to do.

Special effects guru Greg Nicotero has talked on record about how you’ll start to see the zombies age over the course of time. Decay is a much more appropriate word in this scenario. In picture number two, this is becoming apparent. The flesh is rotting, skin starts to sag, and the overall appearance is worn and damaged compared to earlier in the series.

If these images are any indication, season three of The Walking Dead is going to be bloody and brutal. The show is moving into one of my favorite story arcs from Robert Kirkman’s comics, and a couple of new characters should make an immediate, and memorable, impact.

The Walking Dead season three premiers on Sunday, October 14th, and season two lands on DVD/Blu-ray August 28th.

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