Godzilla Concept Art That Needs To Be Turned Into Posters, Stat

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

godzillaOne of the biggest complaints about Gareth Edwards’ rebooted Godzilla is that the mighty beast wasn’t onscreen enough, and while we halfway agree with that assessment here at GFR, we don’t look gift radioactive monsters in the mouth. Thankfully, a slew of new concept art designs have surfaced online, and almost all of them are focused to the monsters, making us want to revisit the destruction that Godzilla and the MUTOs caused. Why hasn’t LEGO gotten on producing a ripped apart San Francisco yet?

Visual effects studio Moving Picture Company are the ones behind these images (via ComicBookMovie), almost all of which would look extremely wonderful on the walls of my house. (Sorry, family pictures, but there are photo albums dedicated to you.) Not a lot going on in the top picture, admittedly, but they get better, and there’s something about the black-and-white presentation that make them even more attractive. Maybe they should make Godzilla 2 a colorless affair.

Below is a pre-imagining of one of the film’s most effective sequences, as the military drops down into the darkness and smoke-covered city in an effort to…shoot Godzilla, I guess. The soldiers really didn’t have much of a plan here.

godzillaThis is another truly outstanding image that makes full use of San Francisco’s hilly landscape, and makes the MUTO monster look even more intimidating, standing above everything. Look at those teeny-tiny tanks, not even bothering to point their guns at the monster because, duh, humans cannot hurt the MUTO.

Speaking of the MUTO, as I do on a daily basis, here is a set of designs for the monster with some truly gorgeous color schemes going on. Maybe not for the monsters, but definitely for fireworks.

godzillaAnd here’s another one of the MUTO just destroying the shit out of things, as is in its nature.

And finally, here’s a shot that I wish the film had used more often, where people are in a general panic while monsters battle in the background. I know there was some of that, but Cloverfield made a better use of scale when handling the foreground/background stuff. (And I hated that movie.)

godzillaFind Godzilla stomping around your home when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 16. Here’s hoping there is a concept art gallery on there with even more gorgeous imagery like this.

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