Google Zerg Rushes Its Search Results

By Josh Tyler | Published

Anyone who’s ever played the real time strategy sci-fi game Starcraft has been the victim of a Zerg Rush. The game is designed so that all three of the races contained within it have their own unique strengths and strategies. For the Zerg, their strength is in the speed with which they can generate large numbers of cheap units and attack quickly in one big swarm before their opponent is ready for them.

Apparently the eggheads a Google are huge Starcraft fans because they’ve worked a geeky cool, Starcraft easter egg into their search results. Try to Google search the term “zerg rush” and you’ll receive a list of search results… which will then quickly be devoured by a zerg rush of hungry Google “o’s”.

That alone should be cool enough but this is more than just a passively cool little treat. Google takes it a step further by making a game out of it. You can destroy the Os by clicking them furiously with your mouse. Google keeps score and when it’s over, though you’ll never win, you can share your high score. I only managed to score 167 on my first attempt…

Google hasn’t offered a real explanation for this strange bit of fun but they did send this email to the LA Times:

For n00bs who aren’t as familiar with real-time strategy games, there’s been a zerg rush on your search results page. Because there should always be time to practice your gaming skills, click on the zerg units to defend the results page and try not to get pwned. Then you can share you APM score onGoogle+. GLHF!