Good News, That Terrible Doctor Who Movie May Not Happen After All

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Here’s a strange new development in the world of Doctor Who. Yesterday here we learned that former Harry Potter director David Yates is working on making a Doctor Who movie in which he’ll throw everything that’s already been done about the character out the window to start from scratch and make it his own. Everyone generally agrees this is the worst idea anyone has ever had.

Even the BBC, apparently.

The BBC owns the rights to Doctor Who and would have to sign off on a Doctor Who movie. Yates made it sound as though they were involved and that he had his blessing, but the BBC has a completely different take on what he’s doing.

BBC executive Edward Russell had this to say about the project on Twitter:

There’s always talk of a movie. Perhaps? Maybe one day. But not right now!

Doesn’t sound like he’s even heard about the project, does it?

BBC America’s official twitter was also skeptical of the whole thing.

A Doctor Who feature film remains in development w/ BBC Worldwide Productions in LA. As of yet no script, cast or production crew in place.

That’s true, Yates is the only one attached right now and they’re just starting the process of looking for writers, but you’d expect the official BBC twitter to have something more upbeat to say about the whole thing.

The BBC’s website did report that David Yates will direct a Doctor Who movie, but their report was based on the one from Variety and had no actual information from anyone anywhere inside the BBC.

Meanwhile some independent sources close to the Doctor Who world are denying the entire thing. Doctor Who Magazine, whom you’d think would know a little about what The Doctor’s up to, had this to say:

To those hearing Doctor Who movie rumours, it’s just the same rumours which have been going round for years. Nothing’s currently happening!… The day Doctor Who undergoes a ‘radical transformation’ as a movie is the day DWM undergoes a radical transformation as a car boot sale.

That reference to a “radical transformation” is what Yates said he’s planning for The Doctor. It’s a pretty bad idea and it sounds like there’s plenty of reason right now to believe it’ll never happen.

If you’re like me, you want to make sure it never happens though. Let’s not leave this to chance. Let the BBC know you don’t want Yates anywhere near Doctor Who by sending them a message here.

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