Godzilla’s Opening Credits Have A Breaking Bad Easter Egg

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Even though we thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edwards’ recent Godzilla reboot (which you can now own on Blu-ray as of earlier this week), it is certainly an up and down affair. As far as the human side goes, the first act is just about all there is worth watching, and, until the end, the film simply muddles around not showing Godzilla. Still, monsters fighting monsters, it’s hard to go too wrong with that. One of the more inventive parts in a movie that is, frankly, not particularly inventive, is the opening credits sequence, and it contains a fun little Easter Egg that’s a nod to one of our favorite non-sci-fi shows (we do occasionally watch things that don’t involve robots, monsters, lasers, spaceships, or aliens, shocking I know, but we do enjoy it when our two worlds collide for a moment).

Building up to Godzilla, Bryan Cranston was a key component of the marketing strategy, despite the fact that he is only in the film for a short while. He, as an actor, is of course best known for his role on AMC’s hit meth-based drama Breaking Bad (which I’m finally watching, despite Seth Meyers spoiling the ending for me on the Emmys), and the opening credits of the film contain a fun little nod to that role. Watch the above video again and see if you catch it.

Even if you didn’t notice what we’re talking about, don’t worry, we live in a magical age where we can capture any image that appears on our computer screens (we borrowed these from our dear friends over at Cinema Blend, theirs turned out much better than the ones we tried to do ourselves).

GodzillaHere’s where Cranston’s name first appears in the credits sequence. You may also notice a nice little tip of the cap to what is his second most notable role, in the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, you know the one, it made Frankie Muniz the global superstar that he is today. (Cranston also appeared in the Total Recall remake, but thankfully the Godzilla folks didn’t include that here, everyone just wants to forget that ever happened, and for the most part, we’re pretty successful.)

GodzillaFramed aesthetically as files that have been redacted, here is what the same card looks like after having parts of the text blocked out. Now if only they were able to work in something about him being the one who knocks.

There are all kinds of fun little inside jokes and nods in this opening, not only to the characters, but also the franchise as a whole. Any way you look at it, this sequence is worth an extra look or two, and it’s a damn sight better than most credits, which are primarily boring and unnecessary as hell.

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