Godzilla Storms The Gates With Two More Massive TV Spots

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

If you haven’t figured out that director Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Godzilla reboot is near the top of our list of most-anticipated movies of the year, you haven’t been paying attention. Not even close attention, just any attention at all. And if you didn’t know that Godzilla is happening at all, then you must have been asleep, because there has been a constant barrage of marketing, including what seems like a thousand new TV spots. And because there haven’t been enough, here are the latest two. We still have almost a month until the film hits, so you have to wonder what the final tally will be, because these things are dropping damn near every day at this point.

Most of the TV ads for Godzilla have followed a certain pattern. One of the characters has a voiceover, the same bits of footage you’ve seen many times are strung together in a different order, and near the end we finally get a glimpse of the King of the Monsters himself. And this video falls into that exact routine. Elizabeth Olsen’s Elle Brody hasn’t had her moment in the sun thus far, but she now is her chance, and you catch a glimpse of her family life, complete with husband and Godzilla hunter Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and their child.

We’ve seen Bryan Cranston’s Joe Brody lament the loss of his wife numerous times already, and this latest spot is like a mash-up of various commercials and trailers that have already appeared. He doesn’t believe the official story of his wife’s death and as characters in movies are apt to do, he’s driven and on a mission to find out the truth, even if it leads him to a massive, skyscraper-tall radiated lizard with a penchant for stepping on buildings. Sometimes the truth is terrifying and might crush you without noticing.

In short, while these two TV spots are still a pretty good time, there’s not much in the way of new information readily available. Like I said, it’s all footage that has already appeared, that you’ve already seen multiple times.

Over the past weekend, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures debuted a new clip at WonderCon, and from the descriptions we’ve heard, it is pretty damn epic. The footage apparently features the build up to a clash between Godzilla and the other monster (one of the other monsters?) that appear in the movie. Just the other day we got our first look at the creature, one that is totally new to the franchise, and apparently named Muto in the form of a new series of toys. We can’t wait to see the giant beast on beast action, and hopefully this clip will hit the Internet sooner rather than later.

Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16, which is only a few weeks away. You can already buy your advanced tickets.


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