Godzilla Stomps Cities To The Ground In Japanese Video Game Trailer

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

If you thought Gareth Edwards’ big-screen return of Godzilla would be the last time you’d see everyone’s favorite mega-monster wreaking havoc on the world, you were mistaken. (At least, if you live in Japan, where Godzilla hasn’t even been released yet; so wait, why would you think it’s the last time you’d see him?) Anyway, Bandai Namco just released the first trailer for a new Godzilla video game that will be released exclusively on the Playstation 3…in Japan.

Even though there isn’t any information about a North American release (or any other territory, for that matter), I can’t imagine Namco would want to lose out on a U.S. fanbase that adores both Godzilla and video games in general. Plus, it would help Sony retain their PS3 customers who haven’t yet upgraded to the PS4. Of course, maybe Namco wants to keep it a limited release because the game is actually a giant scaly piece of shit. It’s hard to tell from the trailer.

According to IGN, players will take on the role of Godzilla for a series of “missions” that are apparently limited mostly to leveling cities and turning buildings to rubble. Nothing wrong with that, assuming the missions don’t take hours to complete. Another cool concept the game has going for it is the aesthetic; as you can see in the trailer, there’s an aged look to the game, and it’s supposedly designed with Ishirō Honda’s classic 1954 film in mind, along with others of the era. It looks more like VHS tracking issues rather than old footage, but it’s still something different. Edwards’ modern iteration of the beast is reportedly going to be included in the game as well.

I’m guessing the trailer is giving us shots of the gameplay itself and not just cutscene footage, because that would be cheap and shitty. But it’s strange not to see a life bar and radioactive breath meter hanging out in the upper corner of the screen. There are a couple of sweet-looking explosions in the trailer, and it’s enough to make me want to play it right now for around twenty minutes before putting on platform shoes and stomping through Legoland while roaring at the top of my voice. When it comes to mass mayhem like this, I can’t tell if I’d rather have a somewhat decent storyline to go along with those missions, or if I just want a sandbox game to help me release some angst.

Of course, I would also go for a good round of Rampage if anybody is willing…Godzilla, or whatever this game is actually called, will hit stores in Japan this winter.