Godzilla Is Actually Pretty Cool

By Brent McKnight | Published

Most of us only know one side of Godzilla. We see him, skyscraper tall, breathing fire, stomping through the major metropolitan cities of the world, and we think that’s all there it too him. But as it turns out, at least if this new Snickers commercial is to be believed, he’s more complex than that. He’s also got a playful side, and all in all, he may not be such a bad dude.

Godzilla is really just one of the guys, and he likes to do all the usual things that guys apparently do. He rides quads, recklessly and without a helmet mind you, picks up chicks at the beach, and pulls pranks on his bros when they nod off in the sun. I’d be willing to bet that Godzilla also ties his friend’s shoelaces together when they pass out at parties. In general, Godzilla just like to kick it, like anyone else. As one partygoer notes in this video, “Godzilla’s actually pretty cool.” For the most part, that is pretty true.

But Godzilla is like everyone else in other ways, too. Like so many of us, he gets rather cranky on an empty stomach. That’s where we need to watch out, because when he’s feeling a little famished, that’s when his more destructive tendencies surface. So much property damage could have been prevented in all of those movies, and the cartoon, if only the military had a few more Snickers bars on hand. He may be hard to kill, but apparently all it takes to satisfy the King of the Monster’s hunger is a single candy bar. That’s impressive give the relative size of the giant rampaging lizard and the tasty, nougat-filled treat.

With the impending release of Gareth EdwardsGodzilla reboot this summer, you can bet we’ll be seeing a lot more similarly-themed marketing. While not an official tie-in—at least we don’t know for certain if it will be yet—anytime Godzilla makes an appearance is a good time for us. You’re always going to some score extra points in our book, too, if you stick with the traditional, guy-in-a-rubber-suit incarnation of the giant beast.

Though some of us have been gun-shy about the new Godzilla, it looks awesome. That trailer that dropped recently looks fantastic, especially the creature design. When he rears up and gives that signature roar, you can’t help be start to giggle a little bit.