Godzilla Has A Lot Of Problems And You Can See Them All Here

By Brent McKnight | Published

While we thoroughly enjoyed Gareth Edward’s Godzilla when it stomped through movie theaters this past summer, it is, admittedly, full of problems and major issues across the board. We still think it’s a pretty good time, though. Because of all these issues, however, it is no surprise that the folks over at Cinema Sins made this the most recent installment of their “Everything Wrong With” series where they tally up the various crimes against cinema is a particular movie.

Clocking in at more than 16-mintues, this is a rather exhaustive video and may be too much to digest in a single sitting. The run time is, oddly enough, actually longer than the total screen time that Godzilla, the title character, gets in the movie that bears his name. As you probably guessed, lack of the big guy is one of the “sins.”

This really only points out many of the same problems that every review and article have already discussed at great length, and as a result, while there are a few funny observations, the whole thing feels more than a little redundant (especially when we’ve already seen an “Honest Trailer” and “How It Should Have Ended”). We get it, there wasn’t much Godzilla, most of the human cast, including Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, and David Strathairn, is completely wasted, and the penchant in the film to show the aftermath of action, but none of the actual action, is annoying. Basically, unless you really hated Godzilla, and/or are completely oblivious to any flaw in the film, there’s not a whole lot to draw you to this video.

As problematic as it is, that first time you get a full look at Godzilla, is pretty damn awesome. The movie made almost $525 million at the box office worldwide. As a result, there are two sequels on the way, and Legendary Pictures is bringing back screenwriter Max Borenstein for Godzilla 2. We’ve also been told that there will be multiple other monsters in the follow up, including the likes of Mothra and other iconic, recognizable villains from the canon for fans to get excited about. The MUTOs were okay, but with a stable of badass, already beloved antagonists, this will be a welcome sight.

Director Gareth Edwards is also still attached to helm Godzilla 2, though it will have to wait until he’s done directing the first standalone Star Wars movie that is scheduled to follow J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII and drop sometime in 2016. As a result, Godzilla 2 isn’t slated to hit theaters until June 8, 2018, so we have a good long while to stew on the first one.