Godzilla International Trailer & Screen Caps Focus On The Trail Of Carnage

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

The first full trailer for the upcoming Godzilla trailer instantly cemented the reboot as one of the flicks to beat this summer, promising a giant-monsters experience just as badass as Pacific Rim, but more grounded and serious. Well, as grounded and serious as you can get in a movie about a giant radioactive lizard. Now the international trailer has hit, bringing with it new footage of the chaos and carnage that results when somebody forgets to lock the damn kaiju pen. Safety first, people!

We’ve pulled a screencap gallery below that’s focused specifically on the new footage. There’s a lot that’s carried over from the domestic trailer, but this one provides more looks at the floods, destroyed buildings, and downed aircraft that a gigantic monster will tend to leave in its wake. We’re also particularly excited about that gorgeous Godzilla silhouette below, which definitely backs up reports of the footage screened at SXSW that said the new design “looks like brawler, ready to throw down.” This is definitely a Godzilla that’s ready to tussle.


Also noteworthy is this shot…


…which looks an awful lot like a snake trail to me. There are no footprints on either side, which suggests this wasn’t made by a dragging tail. We know there will be other kaiju in Godzilla, but none that are direct recreations of the other Toho monsters. At least one of them has been described as “a multi-limbed creature with what look like wings on its back.” That doesn’t really match this image, so theoretically that means there are at least two non-Godzilla creatures in the mix. We’re guessing the winged critter is the one seen diving into the ocean in this shot.


You can see larger versions of all of these images in the gallery below, but I also have to point out this shot, which is one of my favorite visuals from the movie so far.


Godzilla opens in theaters on May 16.

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