Godzilla Can’t Believe This Is Happening In TV Spot And Poster

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Godzilla is coming. He won’t be here until May 16, but between now and then you can bet your ass that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are going to deliver a metric ton of promotional material. Yesterday, we laid eyes on a fantastic new TV spot, and today brings another, as well as a poster, and they’re both also a pretty damn good time. The last video couldn’t stop Godzilla, and this latest commercial can’t believe this is happening.

There are a few snippets of new footage in this quick spot, most notably that big foot stomping down near the end of the video. That has to be unnerving if you’re too close to the event. As you can tell from the Elizabeth Olsen voiceover, she’s rather unsettled by the events things have taken. That is certainly an understandable response considering that there is a skyscraper tall monster on the loose smashing the hell out of everything it sees, and probably some things it doesn’t even notice as well.

Though you’ve seen most of the visual candy in this brief video, it does set up what looks like the key emotional component of the giant monster movie. The focus this time out is definitely more on the human element of the story. Olsen plays Elle Brody, who, obviously, is rather concerned by the events in the world. She’s married to a young soldier named Ford Brody, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and when your hubby is out there fighting Godzilla, you worry, you worry a lot.

Most of us have been on board of this runaway train since that first trailer dropped, and for most of us, the big ass lizard aspect is more than enough to get us to plunk down our hard earned money and sit in the darkness giggling for a few hours. Anything else is just gravy. You want to throw in a good story and some fantastic actors, including Bryan Cranston? That’s even better. Pacific Rim proved that you don’t necessarily need that to make your movie great, but we’ll take if it’s available.

GodzillaThis poster is a fun throwback to classic sci-fi monster movies. Not only is it faux-weathered, faded, and folded, but the overall aesthetic harkens back to the movies that this one tries to pay homage to. I can’t get over Cranston’s face here, it’s so perfect and campy and over the top. You also get a good glimpse at Godzilla himself, one that is at least as coherent and complete as anything footage we’ve seen. It doesn’t have quite the same impact as seeing a massive beast looming over a city skyline alone, but it ain’t bad.

Godzilla also stars Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, and David Strathairn, and stomps into theaters on May 16.

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