How Godzilla Should Have Ended, Hint: It Involves Certain Characters Burnt To A Crisp

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

There are giant lizard-sized spoilers below, folks, try not to get stepped on.

San Francisco sure hasn’t had a fun time of it during this summer blockbuster season. Before Dawn of the Planet of the Apes destroyed the city in a post-apocalyptic fashion, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla let giant monsters run around and destroy things. There are probably more than a few ways that the City by the Bay could have been saved from utter destruction, and the most recent How It Should Have Ended video offers up some pretty solid suggestions on different places this tentpole flick should have taken viewers.

For one, they don’t start at the ending, but rather at the film’s first big “what the hell were you thinking?” scene, when Bryan Cranston’s character gets injured in the MUTO’s warpath and eventually dies. They really drive it home how awful it was that he was killed off so early, leaving us with…Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). The disappointment is just as strong now as it was in the theater.

But since we’re stuck with him, it would help if Ford was kind enough to call his wife to tell her that giant creatures are going to destroy the city, so she’d better get out of there WITH their son. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t that stuck to her nursing job. MUTOs and Godzilla will make you change your mind about a lot of things, I’m guessing. But like this video shows, we can probably assume that the nuclear bomb that went off near the end of the film was powerful enough to still kill Ford and the military buddies who saved him, since they definitely weren’t far enough out of the blast radius. It’s like The Dark Knight, only you really, really want the person to die.

“Let them fight..” No worries, sad-faced Ken Watanabe. How It Should Have Ended delivers the Pacific Rim crossover that fanboys have been conceptually drooling over ever since both of these movies were announced. And this makes a fine argument for anyone who thinks that the human-powered Jaegers would do anything besides get burnt the fuck up in a battle against the King of the Monsters. Godzilla doesn’t lose. Ever. Not even against Superman, that egotistical alien sumbitch.

I may or may not have cheered audibly when Cranston’s Breaking Bad character Walter White came out and told Godzilla to say his name. I’m perfectly fine with Walt invading almost all movies/TV shows/video games/airplane instructional videos.

For anyone interested in how Pacific Rim should have ended, you can see down below.

Find Godzilla and its original meh ending when it hits Blu-ray and DVD later this year.