Godzilla Concept Art Illustrates Monsters And Mayhem

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

GodzillaGareth Edwards’ Godzilla flattened movie theaters much like the titular monster flattened San Francisco and has stomped through Tokyo on multiple occasions. During the build up we saw teasers, trailers, posters photos, and even an official novelization. And because we seemingly can’t get enough of the big guy—neither can the rest of the world, apparently, as the film recently opened in the top slot in China, beating out both X-Men and Spider-Man 2—we’ve got a some more fantastic concept art from the giant creature feature.

There was, admittedly, a decent amount of concept art revealed during the initial promotional push, but since they were trying their best to keep most of the main character under wraps, we didn’t see anything like this. These illustrations, which come from conceptual artist Dominic Mavery, are full of all kinds of monster-y goodness.

GodzillaWhile Godzilla looks more or less like he looks in the finished movie, the MUTO (the Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism) definitely has a different vibe going on. In these pieces the creatures have a distinctly different color pattern and their skin is much more textured. In the movie we saw in theaters they are sleek and black and almost mechanical looking, while here they have a more organic feel. The movie versions feel kind of like they were trying to make them sleek and Knight Rider-ish.

GodzillaExactly like when I watched the movie, I still have to wonder, if you know that there are giant monsters stomping towards your city, on a collision course for mayhem, why the hell do you go to work and stay in your office? That’s when you take your sick days, call out dead, or straight up quit your day job. Your office isn’t going to be there much longer anyway, and you won’t even have a cubicle left.

GodzillaSpeaking of destruction, these designs show and even more wrecked up vision of Las Vegas than the one in the film. Just look at that trough cut through the heart of the strip, that’s going to take more than some asphalt and a bulldozer to clean up.

GodzillaWith such a massive hit on their hands, Legendary Pictures is obviously going to churn out sequels until they’re no longer profitable. Edwards is attached to direct at least two, though we’ll have to wait and see about the timeline on this, since he will also reportedly helm the first of the standalone Star Wars movies, scheduled for a 2016 release. That one will supposedly center on fan favorite Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett and be written by franchise veteran Lawrence Kasdan.