These Gloves Double As Bluetooth-Enabled Phones

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

hand phoneWe’re finally getting to an age when science is starting to look more and more like science fiction when it comes to adding functions to already useful products, what with energy-generating shoes and similar items. And did you guys know that cellular phones are capable of capturing motion photography these days? What a world, eh?

British company O2 Recycle buys back used mobile phones, mp3 players, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, and they recently tasked Designworks’ Sean Miles to highlight a way that phone parts could be recycled in a creative manner. Since transferring phone actions into wearable items like customized headsets or the long-rumored Apple watch has become fashionable, Miles decided to work off one of the most common gestures of the modern world: using your hand to pretend to be using a phone. (Also known as the “hang loose” sign, all right, all right, all right.)

It’s only a prototype, but go-go-Gadget hand-phone works in tandem with an actual phone via a bluetooth chip embedded in the glove. A speaker has been inserted so you can listen into the the thumb, while you speak into the microphone located in the pinky. Check out the video below, in which Miles presents the BBC’s Dougal Shaw a demonstration in the Designworks studio.

Sure, it has to be charged like a real phone (which will get easier in the future), and it will probably make the person doing it look really awkward for a while, but I’m all about adding more skeuomorphs into the technological zeitgeist.

Remember not to text and surf.

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