Give Your Mail The Doctor Who Stamp Of Approval

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Part of the fun of traveling with the Doctor, aside from the in-TARDIS swimming pool, is getting to visit many different times other than your own. Swing by Elba and sucker-punch Napoleon. Hang around 19 Roswell and see if you can swipe any alien wreckage before the Men in Black show up. Visit the distant future and see just how bad reality television has become. Heck, if you’re the sort who would like to add these snazzy Doctor Who stamps to your collection, you could even have the Doctor take you back to a time when you actually needed to mail things.


The BBC reports that each of the eleven Doctors will receive their own first class stamp, just another bit of festivity tied into Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary celebrations this year. Andrew Hammond of the Royal Mail says that the stamps will “pay tribute to the brilliant actors that have played the Doctor over the years, as well as the adversaries that helped make the show so popular.” Yes, the Daleks and the Cybermen will be included in the set as well. Naturally, though, the Doctor gets top billing: he gets the first class stamps, but the baddies are relegated to second class.


The stamps will be available beginning this March. So if you’re not in the U.K., you’ve got a couple of months to befriend a Brit and convince them to mail you a set. You can see each of the Doctor stamps below. Which one would you most like to adorn your mortgage payment?











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