Gillian Anderson Returns To Sci-Fi With I’ll Follow You Down

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Thanks to The X-Files Gillian Anderson was the sci-fi babe icon of the 90s, at least until Seven of Nine showed up in her spandex on Voyager. Outside of the X-Files world though, she hasn’t had a lot to do with the science fiction genre. That changes with her new movie I’ll Follow You Now.

Word is that she’s just joined the cast of the film as the wife of a scientist who disappears on a business trip. Years later his wife, son, and grandfather make a bziarre discovery about his wherabouts and set out to try and bring him home.

What that discovery is remains a complete unknown. Has he been sent to an alien planet like John Carter? Did he get lost at the center of the Earth like Jules Verne? Or is it something much more mundane and low-budget friendly? Your guess is as good as ours.

What we do know is that Anderson’s co-stars will be Rufus Sewell (Dark City!) as the lost scientist, Haley Joel Osment as the son, and Victor Garber as the grandfather. The movie’s written and directed by virtual unknown Richie Mehta, which suggests that low-budget is indeed the order of the day here.

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