Giant Freakin Update – X-Files, Superman, BSG, WALL-E, Hulk, Speed Racer!

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gfr.jpgThe past few days have been huge for science fiction news, and I’m not just talking about that played out superhero stuff that everyone spends all of their time covering. Is that even sci fi anymore? It’s almost it’s own thing. But I’m a sucker for guys in capes, so we’ll cover it… just not to the exclusion of all else.

Here’s a quick update on what’s big in science fiction this week:

– Bryan Singer confirmed that a sequel to Superman Returns is happening, and that he’s already at work on it.

– X-Files 2 finished filming this week, and the production team rumbled about their disinterested in courting existing fans, and proclaimed their love of people who don’t care about their franchise. More on how much Chris Carter hates you here.

– Speed Racer got a new, awesome full length trailer. Watch it:

– Two awesomer (gotta love fake words) new teasers for the upcoming fourth season of Battlestar Galactica were released. Watch them below:

– Pixar’s WALL-E got a very cool new trailer this week as well. This one highlighted a strange love story between the movie’s lead robot and a vaguely egg-shaped, vaguely female robot. It’s strange, but the visuals are absolutely stunning. Watch the new trailer here.

– Amidst rumors that Ed Norton is being phased out of the post-production process on The Incredible Hulk, the film got a its first, real trailer. Watch it below:


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