Ghostbusters, Storm Troopers, And The Predator Join Forces For Epic Wedding Proposal

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

The internet has given us many wonderful things during its relatively brief existence. Instant access to time-fillers like the entire damn run of Starlog Magazine. Lost sci-fi relics like the time Walter Cronkite got zapped into the game grid. The continued gainful employment of the GFR staff. But nothing comes without a price, and there’s one segment of the population whose lives have been made immeasurably more difficult by the wonders of the interwebs. I’m talking here about dudes. Specifically dudes who are planning to propose to their special lady friends. Because it was hard enough to come up with a clever way to propose in the olden days, but now the love of your life is only one YouTube visit away from discovering that there’s another guy out there who enlisted basically the entire contents of my eight-year-old self’s brain when it came time to ask his beloved for her hand in marriage. And after that, having the waiter slip the ring into her champagne glass just isn’t gonna cut it.

The jerk in question is one Victor Delgado, who decided that whole “less is more” thing is pure poppycock. Teaming up with JHM Productions, he set out to create perhaps the greatest proposal video ever created, and certainly one of the geekiest. His two-and-a-half-minute proposal video incorporates basically every cosplay group you’ve ever run across at a convention. Stormtroopers? Check. Ghostbusters? On hand and feelin’ good. Colonial Marines? Hoo-rah. Predators, xenomorphs, zombies, and Slimer himself? All present and accounted for. I’d deduct points for not including the kitchen sink, but I’m pretty it was in there before a couple of guys dressed like Ferengi sold it to the Men in Black for an exorbitant fee.

The one detail that isn’t clear from the JHM Productions page is how the epic proposal trailer was delivered. Based on how the video ends, I’m presuming Delgado paid to have it shown before a movie his unaware soon-to-be-fiance was at (she did say yes, apparently). After all, if you’re going to put this much time and effort into the proposal, it’d be a shame to waste it on the TV in your rumpus room.

JHM also posted several behind-the-scenes shots from the proposal shoot, which apparently involved “months of shooting, and weeks of editing.” I hope Victor at least bought everybody pizza when they were done.