Even In This Ghostbusters Honest Trailer, Bill Murray Still Wins

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Some of us are patiently waiting for Ghostbusters 3 to finally get made, while others of us would rather get weekly lobotomies rather than having to see this particular sequel. But one thing is certain: we can all agree that Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters is Hollywood at its finest. The film’s 30th anniversary has been celebrated in many ways this year, but this is perhaps the most sarcasm-laden attempt yet, as Screen Junkies sets its target on Ghostbusters for one of its rollicking Honest Trailers. This is a true sign of success, certainly.

To be fair, most of the films that get the Honest Trailer treatment are overcooked blockbusters with no real sense of reality behind them. But Ghostbusters, for all of its reality-eschewing supernaturalness, is too good of a movie for these guys to just rip apart willy nilly. As such, the jokes are more general and are more in tune with society’s relationship with Ghostbusters, like the joke about how this is what 1984 movie stars looked like. But who cares about looks when it’s the mind that really draws the attention? Peter Venkman, that’s who.

The best segment of the video points out just how over-the-top it is as a children’s movie, what with all the smoking, sexual boob-grabbery, and cursing. (This was the first movie where I ever heard the word “dick” used.) The librarian ghost and possessed Dana are still two of the most frightening images I can imagine. It’s crazy to think that this is rated PG, especially with the insinuation of Ray getting oral sex from a paranormal entity.

This may or may not be where the nickname “Jizz Pants Stantz” came from.
It’s always good to see a Spaceballs reference make its way into anything, though Family Matters inspires less excitement. And I may have actually laughed the hardest when they call Stay Puft “Fat Casper.” The truth hurts. Also, I swear I wasn’t tearing up when it said “Egon but not forgotten.” I think I must be allergic to honesty. A-choo!

And don’t forget that this Thursday, August 28, has been officially declared National Ghostbusters Day, so it’s the perfect day to strap a proton pack on your back and host movie and cartoon marathons while playing with Lego Ghostbusters all day. So it’s just going to be a normal Thursday for some of you. But don’t party too hard, as Ghostbusters’ limited theatrical run starts the very next day, with the 30th Anniversary Blu-ray coming out on September 16. Whoever you’re going to call, just make sure it’s quick and to the point. We’ve got shit to watch.